Frank Suerich-Gulick, Program Coordinator
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Peer project manager
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Gabrielle Leblanc,
Outreach worker

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About us

Our Mission

ASTT(e)Q aims to promote the health and well-being of trans people through peer support and advocacy, education and outreach, and community empowerment and mobilization. We understand the health of trans people and our communities to be interrelated to economic and social inequalities, which have resulted in trans people experiencing disproportionate rates of poverty, un(der)employment, precarious housing, criminalization and violence. We believe in the right to self-determine our gender identity and gender expression free from coercion, violence and discrimination. We advocate for access to health care that will meet the many needs of our diverse communities, while working collectively to build supportive, healthy and resilient communities.


Our Staff



We will do our best to make our services accessible to you according to your needs. Some measures we have put in place include:
*Weekly drop-in: Our Monday night drop-in is located in a ground-floor, wheelchair accessible space close to wheelchair accessible metro (Berri-UQAM) & bus lines.

*Transportation: We will provide free metro tickets for all of your visits. If extra transportation costs are required, please let us know. We can also come to you! We often make home visits within the greater Montreal region, and visit with people who are in prison.

*Multi-lingual services: Our staff currently speaks English, Spanish, and French. At a minimum, we aim to provide resources in at least French and English, but also have multi-lingual resources available whenever possible.

*Working with Deaf and hard of hearing trans people: We use various means of communication, including Bell Relay services and online chat, and can arrange ASL/LSQ interpretation services as needed.

*Working with parents: We can arrange for childcare to help facilitate both your access to our support, as well as your participation in any of our activities.

*Free services and events: All of our events and services are free or pay-what-you-can, unless otherwise specified. We are open to all, regardless of income or immigration status.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any particular needs related to accessibility at ASTT(e)Q!

About CACTUS Montréal

Cactus Montréal is an autonomous, non-profit organisation that helps people who use illicit drugs, or those with potentially risky sexual behaviour, to reduce the risks associated with those practices while also improving their quality of life. Cactus eliminates barriers and the feeling of exclusion by welcoming those who need support without judging their lifestyle choices. Since its inception in 1989, Cactus has offered a significant contribution to the improvement of public health. While lowering the transmission of HIV, Hepatitis and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections, Cactus has been a leading advocate of harm reduction in relation to  drug use and sexual practices.





Our History - Action Santé Travesti(e)s et Transsexuel(le)s du Québec (ASTT(e)Q), also known as Québec Trans Health Action, is a project of CACTUS-Montréal which was founded in 1998. ASTT(e)Q was started largely in response to the need for access to health care and social services that were sensitive to trans people’s needs. The project grew out of a support group for trans women living with HIV, and was informed by a trans community led needs assessment that aided in determining the shape and direction of ASTT(e)Q. The organization is a part of a long and rich history of activism, advocacy, and community organizing for improved access to health care and social services, housing, decent working conditions (particularly for sex workers), as well as HIV prevention, and an overall greater quality of life for trans people in Québec.